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Who we are

Blauhauch is an international all women theatre company based in Berlin and founded in London. We create and perform our own original stage plays worldwide. We offer self empowering, artistic workshops and individual sessions. Everything between dream and reality is what inspires our work.

With humor we allow our intuition to explore the meaning of our individual and collective truth as women, which embraces the respect for each individual in community. Our artistic approach celebrates the irrational.

Let’s play with and without borders. Let’s become the best versions of ourselves.

Dream, dream big, dream radically.


3 weeks ago

Nicole Marischka

Wenn wir vor Menschen stehen und sprechen, egal, ob vor 3 oder 1000- müssen wir in die Herzen sprechen können, um diese zu gewinnen. Wir müssen alles geben, was wir haben, um zu überzeugen. Wir müssen den Raum in uns und zwischen den Menschen und uns bewegen können, um Menschen zu bewegen. Denn Bewegung ist interessant.
Doch wir müssen nicht nur geben, wenn wir sprechen. Dieser Tagesworkshop geht vor allem darum, den Reichtum in und um uns zu erfahren und zu erkunden. Die nie versiegende Quelle, die wir anzapfen können, um auf der Bühne, auf dem Podium oder im Anblick des Gegenübers kraftvoll, spontan, humorvoll und voller Inspiration zu leuchten und zu begeistern.
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3 weeks ago

Blauhauch Theatre Company

💙💙NOW!💙💙 Magic turns material. Out of the blue Blauhauch Theatre Company came to me 2017 in a dream, where I saw 13 women sitting in a circle, telling each other their dreams, lucid dreaming together and creating a play, a show, a performance that embodies the dream characters which came to us at night. This journey started exactly two years ago on the 1st of April and now here I am, ready to materialize the dream and bring it onto the material realm plane. Since then we have been moving, travelling, dreaming, empowering, acting, sharing, processing, loving each other so dearly like a group of people that come from the same planet and now meet on earth to create something together. I have been feeling really shaky about all the process that involves bridging theatre, performance, circus, spiritual development, entrepreneurship and business in the broad sense of the term. It has taken a while for my subconscious to accept that spiritual work and performance are very well mergeable with business which is why I NOW start my six weeks accelerator program to make BLAUHAUCH become a solid, sustainable business start-up which will offer us (Blauhauch) the opportunity to have an regular monthly income as actresses (a concept that does not exist so far unless you are employed at a theatre) and for all of our fans and followers to know where to find us and book us whenever it is time and space to do so. I have a vision of Blauhauch creating a new show every year and touring around the world, offering the creation as well as workshops for other female performers and women all around the world to learn how to fully step into their expressive power and connect from a place of truth to the rest of the world. How much more exciting can a life truly be if we move from authenticity? No matter how uncomfortable that may appear, it is the only way to embody purpose and pleasure on this earth.

Here are some pictures of our journey:
2017: Berlin and Gran Canaria
2018: Berlin and Schloss Bröllin / Theater unterm Dach.

2019: Berlin, CIEE, Entrepreneur lab.

I am so humbled and excited at the same time, and will keep you up to date on the development of our DREAM into reality. WE WILL BE THE FIRST PERFORMANCE START-UP WORLDWIDE!!!

Dream. Dream Big. Dream Radically.
Short trailer of What silence has to say: vimeo.com/311114229

copyright Maximiliane Wittek www.maxiwittek.de
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Current production

What silence has to say: Nine international actresses read and perform their new, dream-inspired play “What Silence has to say“. The theater group explores the various facets of female sexuality, from abuse to ecstasy.

This extraordinary story was written by all of the women in the company. Eight dreams merged into one shared dream in which women not only play women, but also men, children, animals and objects. The performance includes hair hanging, aerial, dance, singing and an introduction with a guided dream meditation for the audience to tune in. This is a short version of the full length, three hour long, play “What Silence has to say”. The scenic reading opened at THEATER UNTERM DACH, Berlin October 2018.

Jill, a forty-year-old, overworked mother and businesswoman, falls asleep, com- pletely overworked, dreaming that she is a man. Even in reality, Jill does not know what it means to be a woman. Too many tasks, too many expectations, an alcoholic husband and finally a burnout. At night, you‘ll encounter all the dream symbols that literally rob you of your voice. Be it a hundred chained tigers, a feather, a murderess, a underwater algae or a 33 km long horse cabaret with ballerinas wearing red tutus. Jill experiences a transformation through her encounters, but the transformation is not just for her…

The voice of silence asks many questions. Among other things, what does it mean in today‘s society to be a mother, sexualized woman, successful business woman, friend, daughter, neighbor? What does it mean to be completely “free” from any expectations? The answers are found in the voice of silence when the answer comes from silence.