Are you dreaming?


Blauhauch builds a bridge to everyone’s individual, most precious inner truth. By entering our theatrical and ceremonial space, where dreams are performed as stories and the audience dreams with us, magic materializes in a blue space.

Blauhauch is there to awaken new consciousness and theatre becomes a safe place for new insights felt and experienced rather than intellectualized. There is nothing more powerful than experiencing the story and to be part of the happening in a very quiet and subtle way. We humans need that space to come back to ourselves and to connect to others. When you spend your day working, producing, giving, being the one that always gives out and never lets in, the energy flow is interrupted. The dream space creates a space of inner wisdom.

Blauhauch is a space in which many dreams are told, it is a space in which anybody who is ready to be still, listen to the inner voices, track the inner images and is invited on a journey to self-discovery through dreaming and through experiencing the dream world in itself.

Blauhauch builds a bridge on which storytelling and dreaming allows us to access areas within our subconscious that usually stay hidden.

Blauhauch is an extremely innovative and experimental theatre play that merges with the radical truth telling new age awakening times in which, as the humans of this planet are called to re-discover what truly matters. The travelling Blauhauch tribe will be on stage, acting, storytelling, dreamjourneying. Women, only women, women that play objects, animals, women that play women, women that play men, we think we have seen it all. We are the pioneers of the new answers concerning human interactions, psychological entanglements and male/female encounters.

Everybody dreams! There is no hierarchy in the dream world. Well maybe there is, but not the classical one.

Blauhauch also bridges the social differences and creates connection between all human beings.

No matter if you are wearing a hijab, a baseball cap or a crown, you know the dream world, so come and dream with us!


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