The Creation

As a creative tribe of thirteen women we explore feminine dreamscape. We discover our deepest dreams concerning our sexuality, our place in this world and the engagement in relation to the masculine archetypes we have been conditioned to adapt to.

The project gives voice to eight women on stage who will embody the deepest fears and greatest desires women have been dreaming of since lifetimes. By unfolding the truths behind those stories Blauhauch becomes a project that initiates a connection between the conscious acting Self and the subconscious dreaming Self. What is real? What is dream? What do we want to be real? How does the repression, the depression, the misunderstandings and longings between the gender consciousness manifest in our dreams? Diving deep into those realms we want to dare and dream the new spaces in which humans are free to become who they really are, far away from any label that has been put onto them. How do these space look like in our dreams?

By working very closely with the masculine archetypal point of view we discover new possibilities for women and men to meet on a new level and tell new stories.

The performance happens in a blue space, with peculiar, absurdly strong characters, eight languages, and a sensual journey through a story that will touch the hearts of all those who come to witness it.

Production Details

July 2017
First development residency in Berlin, sponsored by Theater unterm Dach, Berlin

November 2017
Script development residency in Gran Canaria, sponsored by Thomas Blasig

March 2018
Scriptwriting residency in Berlin, sponsored by Eric Barthe

June 2018
Production residency in Schloss Bröllin, Germany

October 2018
Opening of the Show (secret place to be shared soon)


Blauhauch News

Next scriptwriting

Next scriptwriting residency sponsored by Eric Barthe taking place 13.03. – 20.03.2018 in Berlin. We will keep you updated.

Gran Canaria November 2017

Gran Canaria November 2017

The writing and development residency in Gran Canaria November 2017 10 days, 9 women in the Gran Canaria Islands The challenge – to create and develop a play and its characters through working methods as dream circles, intuitive writing and embodiment practices. By inhabiting the natural landscapes and allowing ourselves to absorb (and be absorbed) […]