The Workshops

*From the inside out into the world. We are digging deep to fligh high.

Blauhauch created several new workshop designs, which involve dreaming, creative writing and performance.

Our workshops unleash the creative force and self-empower all participants to trust their intuition and find new answers to their current questions. As workshop facilitators, we create a safe space to enable the participants to meet their dreams and the visions that are merging from the subconscious. Through meditation, yoga, biomechanics, dream-circles and classical actors training exercises, we create a space in which the development of essays, poems, monologues, scenes, songs and movement performance is inspired by active, lucid group dreaming.

We always starts with a dream circle and end with a performance. The workshops are relevant for women groups that meet to self-empower, business companies which want to find new approaches to their projects, artistic companies at any stage of creative development, spiritual gatherings that deepen their self-knowledge and consciousness, as well as mental health support groups in which the creativity enables the expression of trauma.

Our group prices

Prices per Person / minimum 6 participants

  • One evening = 3 hours
    30,00 €
  • One full day = 8 hours
    70,00 €
  • Weekend workshop
    200,00 €
    (Friday evening until Sunday afternoon)

To book a workshop please contact us via E-mail:

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